2020 Toyota Alphard Redesign, Release, and Price

2020 Toyota Alphard Redesign, Release, and Price

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2020 Toyota Alphard Redesign, Release, and Price

2020 Toyota Alphard – As one of Toyota’s flagship products, the Alphard is a luxury MPV car that controls the market since it was first launched. To provide the best comfort for its users, Toyota launched a facelift version of the Toyota Alphard with several improvements in its exterior.

Its luxurious appearance with large dimensions makes this car more handsome look for this latest series. The following is a review of the new Toyota Alphard which was just launched in early 2018.

2020 Toyota Alphard Redesign

2020 Toyota Alphard Engine

This car uses two types of engines for different variants. For the 2.5G and 2.5X variants, the Alphard is equipped with a 2AR-FE engine with a cylinder capacity of 2,494 cc, Dual VVT-i. This machine can produce power up to 180 PS with a maximum torque of up to 23.9 Nm.

While for the highest variant, the 3.5Q variant, Alphard uses a 2GR-FE engine with a cylinder capacity of 3,456 cc, Dual VVTi. This machine has a maximum power of up to 275 PS and a maximum torque of 34.7 Nm.

By using a CVT acceleration system, shifting gears in this car will indeed feel smooth. This is indeed natural to maintain the comfort level of passengers in the second row to be more optimal

In the legs, the Toyota Alphard relies on the McPherson Strut suspension system and also the Double Wishbone. For the alloy wheels, this car uses 18-inch alloy wheels to match the body of this very large car.

2020 Toyota Alphard Specs

By carrying out the concept of a luxury and comfortable car, the 2020 Toyota Alphard is one of the MPVmewha cars with quite high sales figures since it first appeared in 2002. Its large size with luxurious interiors make this car a standard car for the upper middle class in Indonesia.

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It is undeniable, with all the features and convenience offered, the price of this car cannot be reached by all people. With prices above 1 billion rupiah for the latest Alphard car, this car is really reserved for certain people only.

In 2018, Alphard got a little facelift on the exterior and became more elegant and luxurious than before. To emphasize its class as one of the luxury MPV cars in Indonesia, Alphard always comes with a variety of luxuries on the outside and inside the car. Changes that are quite visible for the facelift version of the Alphard 2018 are on the face of the car that is more elegant than before the facelift.

2020 Toyota Alphard

The other part that gets a little update is on the wheels that are firmer and in the chrome on the back of the car that appear more than the previous version. But, overall, you might not see these changes unless you are a fanatic for this luxury car.

The grill section in the latest edition is arguably more dynamic compared to the previous series. The use of a large grill this time is very integrated with the headlamp that is made more dynamic. This change makes the Alphard look more handsome and nice to see.

On the side, no significant changes can be seen. The shape of the car that is quite boxy with large dimensions has not changed at all with its predecessor version. Differences that can be seen are only in the alloy wheels that now appear to be firmer.

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In the interior, you could say there was absolutely no significant change for the third version of the facelift with a pre-facelift. Every detail of this car uses luxurious and comfortable leather material.

For the entertainment section has also been available complete with a variety of advanced features such as heated seats and monitors in the cabin room. However, all of this already exists in the previous version so it’s not something that is quite surprising anymore.