2020 Toyota Etios Redesign, Release, and Price

2020 Toyota Etios Redesign, Release, and Price

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2020 Toyota Etios Redesign, Release, and Price

2020 Toyota Etios – When it first appeared, the name Toyota Etios was better known as the sedan variant. Unfortunately, even though it is one of the most iconic Toyota vehicles, Etios’ presence in the automotive market did not last long.

Had been vacuumed for several years, finally Toyota Etios experienced “reborn” aka reborn with the name of the Toyota Etios Valco which now appears as a city car unit with the concept of a small hatchback.

The name Etios Valco itself debuted in the middle of 2013 ago. At that time, his appearance became a battering ram in the small hatchback segment which is now followed by the birth of several competitors such as the Mitsubishi Mirage or Kia Picanto.

When it first appeared, the Toyota Etios Valco itself carries the concept of a modern city car with active character combined with a minimalist yet elegant design typical of a small hatchback. By segmentation, Etios Valco is placed in the space between the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Agya LCGC vehicle.

City car variants such as the Toyota Etios Valco itself are one of the types of cars that are most sought after by consumers besides low MPV. Especially for urban cars from Toyota, the name Etios Valco itself is indeed one that contributes to positive sales and achievements, before the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) era came in Indonesia.

From the series of achievements that have been made by Etios Valco, we certainly have been able to assess how the quality of this car actually is.

2020 Toyota Etios

Just like other city car variants, the Toyota Etios Valco does appear with a fairly simple design. The difference is, this time Etios Valco carries a body concept that is more character and more sporty.

This also makes it one of the favorites for those who have hobbies related to speed and agility driving, such as slalom or drifting. This fact also confirms the quality of the 2020 Toyota Etios Valco which cannot be underestimated even though it is only a city car type car.

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Another reason that makes the name Etios Valco increasingly popular is the choice of options that are quite diverse. Yes, Toyota does present the Toyota Etios Valco in four choices, where other brands are only available in three types of variants.

The four Etios Valco types are type JX, type E, type G. and type TOM ‘S. Although different types and prices, all types use the same engine base.

2020 Toyota Etios Engine

This time the Toyota Etios Valco is equipped with a Toyota 3 series NR-FE engine which is a 16 valve 4 cylinder DOHC type 16 engine. The machine is a machine with a cylinder filling capacity of 1,197 cc.

For the city car class, the engine on the Toyota Etios Valco is one of the most powerful engines in its class. In addition to a powerful engine, this Japanese manufacturer’s alert car is also equipped with fairly comfortable interior specifications.
This is certainly a distinct advantage for the Toyota Etios Valco because most urban cars only have a cabin that is not too large with an inadequate interior.

So, even though it is only a city car variant, but this car clearly has a guarantee of comfort for the driver and passengers. Well for more details, the following is Mas Sena has prepared a complete review of the specifications and prices of Toyota Etios Valco specifically for you all loyal readers Semisena.

It’s time to discuss the specifications of the Toyota Etios Valco in the kitchen space section. As Mas Sena had mentioned earlier, the engine carried by Toyota this time was one of the tough engines in its class. For this Toyota Etios Valco, the engine used is the Toyota series 3 NR-FE engine.

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The machine is a 16 valve DOHC 4 cylinder type engine that has a cylinder filling capacity of 1,197 cc. The engine that is the source of power for all types of Toyota Etios Valco is capable of spewing maximum power reaching 80 PS at 5,600 rpm and torque of 10.6 Kgm at 3,100 rpm. For the size of the city car, the engine performance on the Toyota Etios Valco is quite strong.

2020 Toyota Etios Interior

2020 Toyota Etios Concept

At a glance at the exterior, according to Mas Sena, the design offered by the 2020 Toyota Etios Valco specifications on the exterior is very suitable for active and dynamic young people.

From the design itself, this car tends to be minimalist in the typical city car of today but still has a sporty accent. The front fascia of the Toyota Etios Valco comes with an aggressive and sporty character through a rectangular headlamp with a pointed tip protruding to the outside.

The two main lights are connected by the griil front which is curved downward with metallic chrome colors. The Toyota Etios Valco front grill which consists of two lines is reinforced by the Toyota logo in the center.

Switch to the fog lights or fog lamp, just like other variants, located on the lower end and supported by an aerodynamic body kit accent. Moving to the side of the body of the Toyota Etios Valco, you will find a design that is also minimalist.

There are not many curves in the body beside this car. A little difference you will find on the Etios Valco type TOM’S which has an additional body kit bada side of the lower body. Then for the side glass, the Toyota Etios Valco is classic with a flat glass on the bottom and curved on the upper side.

Then on the back or stern of the Toyota Etios Valco, you will find a minimalist body concept. The rear lights of this car are designed with an upright shape. The design concept behind the Etios Valco is typical of Toyota whose design is not too crowded.

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The difference is quite noticeably new will be seen in the specifications of the Toyota Etios Valco type TOM’S where the type is designed more futuristic and sporty through the use of multilevel stoplamps and the addition of a roof spoiler and rear wiper.

2020 Toyota Etios Release Date

The cheapest price for the 2020 Toyota Etios Valco is JX type which is priced at around Rp. 147.5 million. Although it is the lowest variant, this Etios Valco JX type has good safety and comfort standards. Meanwhile, above the JX type there is Etios type E.

The price of this type E Toyota Etios Valco is priced at around Rp. 162.2 million. A slight increase compared to the JX type indeed. But the changes that exist in this type E are indeed not too significant. Therefore, the price difference is not too far away.

Then there is also the type G Toyota Etios Valco which is priced at around Rp. 173.3 million. This type of Etios G is probably the one you often encounter on the streets because it is indeed the best-selling type.

The features that exist in Etios type E are among the most complete when compared to other types. As for the price of the most expensive Toyota Etios Valco, it is occupied by the TOM’S type. Etios type TOM’S is priced at around Rp. 174.8 million.

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