2021 Toyota 4runner Concept

2021 Toyota 4runner Concept Review

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2021 Toyota 4runner Concept Review

2021 Toyota 4runner Concept – The Toyota 4Runner 2021 is a solid choice for weekend fighters that is made better this year thanks to more safety equipment, but sidewalk crushers must look elsewhere. The Toyota 4Runner 2021 is an SUV that might owe its ongoing existence as well as the “Jurassic Park” franchise that arouses interest in dinosaurs.

The basic 4Runner off-road design makes it a legacy compared to crossover SUVs like cars. Under its large exterior, the 4Runner has a separate frame and sturdy rear axle, heavy metal pieces that are usually associated with pickup trucks.

Rugged parts provide serious 4Runner off-road capabilities, especially in TRD Off Road and TRD Pro configurations. 4Runner SR5 gets the basics right, while the outdated 4Runner Limited doesn’t seem right, at least for us.

2021 Toyota 4runner Concept Review

2021 Toyota 4runner Engine

Underage, 4Runner has a 4.0-liter V-6 that is rated 270 horsepower and 278 pounds of torque. The 5-speed automatic transmission sends power to the wheels. The rear wheel drive is standard, but the 4Runner makes more sense with the optional four-wheel drive system.

4Runner is heavy and drives a large tire that provides unstoppable performance off the road but can leave it with heavy handling on the sidewalk. Choose the TRD Off-Road 4Runner and the truck can be equipped with a hydraulically actuated swing bar which reduces tilting curves while helping the suspension sag off the road to keep the wheels on the terra firma.

4Runner TRD Pro discards the settings for Fox dual-reservoir shocks and a 2.5-inch suspension lift that provides a luxurious ride and serious ability. On the highway, 4Runner’s steering is nervous, although the new standard adaptive cruise controls this year should make him a more relaxed explorer.

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Step into 4Runner – help with hiking shoes – and you will find a soft big chair and a thick dashboard. Seats sit low on the floor and the headroom is not luxurious. The optional third-row seat feels like an afterthought. Cargo is treated around 90 cubic feet of space with a folded back seat, but don’t look for a power liftgate.

2021 Toyota 4runner Specs

This year, 2021 Toyota 4Runner gets the necessary infusion from collision avoidance technology including automatic emergency braking and adaptive roaming control. The infotainment system now presents Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The new equipment turned 4 Runner into a dinosaur with a flip phone, but it was an increase from two cans and a rope last year.

2021 4Runner has a lumpy profile which is a page of history books. It sits high from the ground and drives tires almost as high as the roofs of several sports cars. The front end of the 4Runner has large air intakes and sharp headlights that dig deep into its lit fenders.

This year, the grille design is matched with a home sensor for automatic emergency braking and an adaptive roaming control system, but you have to look closely to see the difference. At the rear, the 4Runner style is not so cohesive. The truck body is soft and not integrated into other truck designs.

The four 4Runner trim levels have different personalities, especially 4Runner Limited which is loaded with chrome and 4 TRD Pro Runners who ride.

2021 Toyota 4runner Concept Interior

Large and luxurious 4Runner front seat. Drivers and front seat passengers sit with their feet out, not upright positions like the more common seats in an SUV. The rear seat has decent space for outboard passengers but a tight middle position.

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The narrow third row seats are optional on some trim levels, although we will see other vehicles if carrying more than four passengers is a priority. Headroom is acceptable on every seat, but not generous with an optional sunroof. A high window frame and a fat roof pillar mean that outside vision is not good.

2021 Toyota 4runner Release Date and Price

The 4Runner SR5 base costs around $ 36,000 with rear-wheel drive, $ 38,000 with four-wheel drive, and gets the basics with standard active security technology, an 8.0-inch touch screen for infotainment that now comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and power features.

SR5 Premium adds a strong moonroof, heated synthetic leather up front, and several other features at a price of around $ 1,800

We think the 4Runner TRD Off Road is worth $ 3,000 above SR5. It was built on the SR5 with a rear differential locking, off-road cruise control, four-wheel driving mode.

As with the SR5, the optional Premium package suspends upholstery on synthetic leather and adds moonroof strength. A better bet is the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which is bundled by Toyota by navigating around $ 1,600.

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