2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Review

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Review

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2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Review

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid – Quiet and unpretentious luxury is what is offered by the Toyota Avalon 2021, and it does so at a price that won’t damage the bank. The standard V-6 allows fast acceleration, but fuel-conscious buyers can choose a less powerful but efficient hybrid setting that produces 43 mpg in our test.

Handling is very agile for cars of this size, especially on XSE and Touring trims, but not sport sedans. To sweeten the agreement, automatic emergency braking, adaptive roaming control, and line maintenance assistance are standard.

Anyone who has ever tried playing Bop can tell you that doing many tasks is not easy. So, the special version of the new 2021 Toyota Avalon that we just tested seems to be stacked with cards.

The contradiction starts with the XSE sport-tuned trim combination with the optional gas-electric hybrid drivetrain that is less powerful than the standard 3.5-liter V-6. And as the biggest sedan in the Toyota portfolio, Avalon’s reputation is a comfortable large cruise car that usually captivates the heart with a mature owner base.

2021 Toyota Avalon

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Engine

Toyota claims more power from the hybrid drivetrain – the updated 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle-inline-four and two electric motors produce 215 horsepower, 15 more horses than before – but acceleration of up to 60 mph still slows 0.4 seconds compared to that of the 2016 Model , now takes 7.8 seconds.

Yes, electric motor torque makes a sufficiently adequate response to everyday driving, and a row of four cylinders under harsher acceleration is better isolated than before in our ears.

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But it’s clear that Avalon supported by V-6 is a better choice for leadfoot; the car reaches the same 60-mph number in 6.1 seconds significantly faster, and it makes a pleasant sound to boot.

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Specs

Seen from the front, it’s clear that the new Avalon doesn’t want to be seen as tasty anymore. All versions have a large grille with large fake air intakes that flank the middle like Lexus, and the XSE trim exaggerates it with a black bee nest insert.

Why, Toyota? Conventional-sized grilles will fit much better with the rest of the Avalon line, which is actually quite elegant. The smooth side surface emphasizes the length of the car 195.9 inches, and the sloping rear glass, like a fastback, tapes well to the rear deck, underneath which is the treatment of attractive wide full rear lights.

However, the 2019 Avalon hybrid is in line with the reason for its existence, because its fuel economy figures make significant profits worldwide. EPA estimates 43 mpg for cities, highways and combined cycles – and of course, we achieved exactly 43 mpg in our 75 mph highway fuel economy test, 4 mpg better than the previous generation Avalon hybrid managed.

Our overall average of 41 mpg is equally impressive for large and wide vehicles.

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Release Date and Price

The XSE model is just above the XLE in the Avalon range, although the “base” model is equipped with many active safety features, automatic climate control, and heated front seats.

With an additional $ 2,500, XSE found that visual aggression was mentioned along with paddle shifters, sunroofs, and suspensions that were supposed to be sport-tuned, which consisted of changes to the damper, spring and anti-roll bar. (Our test car is also equipped with an improved audio system for $ 680 and a mat for $ 248, adding up to the total tested as $ 40,858.)

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We are often skeptical of such minor chassis changes when applied to mainstream cars such as Avalon, but the XSE hybrid surprised us with its hard dampers made for fast riding.

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