2021 Toyota Hilux Philippines Release Date

2021 Toyota Hilux Philippines Release Date

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2021 Toyota Hilux Philippines Release Date

2021 Toyota Hilux Philippines – Soon, we estimate your dream car will soon be launched in the coming years. That is, the car is a Toyota Hilux 2020 which will be released in 2021 in the Philippines. This is good news for you. lovers of luxury and elegance. Following a review of the Toyota Hilux car around 2021 on our blog.

2021 Toyota Hilux is another variant of Tundra that is rumored to be released soon in the market. This car belongs to the category of pickups and is usually used as a vehicle to carry the stuff. However, the pickup is not like a few years ago because people look at this car as a new SUV with an extra space at the back.

A new variant of the Tundra is available only in gasoline. If you look at the competitors in the market, they have introduced diesel engines for customers. Toyota tried to develop diesel engines and plans to soon let go.

Market and automotive enthusiasts who are eager to know the performance and specifications of diesel variants, although the exterior, as well as interior, are expected to be similar to the latest model.

2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux Engine

Toyota Hilux 2021 model equipped with diesel and flex machine. Diesel motor vehicle equipped with propeller Turbo 16V Toyota’s D-4 D 2.8 L from 177cv 3400 rpm, power in All full-drive.

Flexfuel version comes with Flex Dual VVT-i DOHC 16V 2.7 L engine. The differential is a dual-valve variable-valve technology (Dual VVT-i), which operate in the management of intake and exhaust system of combustion chamber combustion fuel, optimizing intelligently. Flex pickup version the average present 163 hp at 5,000 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 159 hp, also at 5,000 rpm with gasoline.

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There are three versions come with a six-speed sequential automatic transmission: SRV Double Cab 4 × 4, 4 × 2 SRV and SR 4 × 2. There is even the option of SR 4 × 2 of the five-speed manual transmission.

2021 Toyota Hilux Exterior

Inspired by the concept of the global update, 2021 Toyota Hilux reaffirm the proposition of a versatile product. The primary attribution, which is rooted in the DNA that basically is endowed with toughness, has a differential frontal design 2021 for the new version of the SRX, SRV, and SR.

The model incorporates a hexagonal grid design, tracked by three horizontal panels solid outlined by chrome finished. Changes to the front bumper implied the renovation which included fog lamps, appliances present since version SR.

Resulting from the changes, the design became streamlined and efficient. They are now 5.315 mm length, 15 mm shorter compared to models 2021. At that time, fixed width mm and mm 1.815 same 1.855, and wheelbase of 3.085 mm.

The flagship of the line, the SRX will display a warning 50 years pickup as a tribute to the traditional history of one of the most famous pickup truck in the world.

External modification equipped with the introduction of the new “18 wheels, which emphasizes his resilience. In addition to the other new versions of the 50 anniversary of the SRX, customers would use and comfort is the addition of the roof.

2021 Toyota Hilux is now getting a front grille that looks like it was inspired by the Toyota Tacoma. The conquest of Hilux equipped with LED projector headlights with LED daytime running lights.

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Foglight bezels and lower air intake change, all of which are finished in black. Another part of the pickup as side mirrors, door handles, and light sport painted black. Finally, the conquest of the new Hilux got back and steps aside.

2021 Toyota Hilux Philippines

2021 Toyota Hilux Interior

In interior trim, 2021 Toyota Hilux brings important changes to the configuration and position of the SRX version as a reference. Among the main modification is the dark color to contrast with the chrome details.

Perforated leather seats and dashboard white highlights the sophisticated profile inside the cabin. Package and sophistication in the SRX come with: a hollow interior, black Chair in black piano finish, electrochromic internal rearview mirror, LED daytime running lights.

In the middle level of the SRV equipment make configuration even more competitive and stronger by adding: spare tires, light side and curtain airbags (Total of seven), Smart entry and start pushing, electronic climb assist (DAC) in diesel version, automatic module for ascent four glasses, daylight view of rear driving and electrochromic.

Inside, the conquest of the Hilux gets updated Optitron gauges, shifter and automatic equipment which was redesigned. Also, unlike its predecessor, the Toyota Hilux 2021 now has a smart entry with keyless start. Touchscreen infotainment system fitted as standard and supports AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, USB and Aux like that.

2021 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

The initial price of the model is approximately R $111.990. Compared to the same models is a good price. But it is obvious that if a large model, the price is increasing strongly in the most complete version and can achieve an R $196.900.

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