Toyota Hilux 2020 Concept

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift

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Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift – Toyota Hilux Facelift 2020 is a new version of the very popular small truck, was redesigned to a more attractive and competitive. Although the Hilux has been popular with the US, this time will be made for markets outside the U.S. and has several different demands from America.

To meet this need Toyota changed the design of the exterior, interior fixtures and see and repair machines become more reliable and have better performance. However, it is always interesting to Hilux buyers because of its small design is great, and interesting details.

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift

Toyota Hilux 2020 Specs

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift Engine

According to the report, Toyota Hilux Facelift 2020 would mainly to tweak the styling, while the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder is set to carry over unchanged. Currently produce 130kW and 450Nm of the form automatically (420Nm with manual).

However, a switch to diesel particulate filter is set to be introduced, such as what is shown in the LandCruiser 200 and 70 series. This switch allows the user to remove the filter while it is filling, compared with an automatic system of the clearing.

Not only that the Toyota Hilux Engine 2020 Facelift is practical and reliable, with fuel consumption figures are great, it is also a model of friendly, with much lower fuel emissions than other trucks on the market.

However, there is a 3.0-liter turbo engine with 170 horsepower, paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. This increases this time for better performance, but also got the special knowledge systems do not reasonably make at Toyota.

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Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift Exterior

Known for small proportions which also combined with modern details, Hilux is always interesting for those who are not interested in the larger and more aggressive engine as small trucks. This time it was much better than combined with the attractive and modern details.

The front end was known to have a large grid of chromatic round with chromatic frame and big LED lights on the side. Below them is a wide air intake with black plastic round and round fog lamps on the side. There is also an air intake on the curved awning, unusual on trucks. The back door of the truck with a modest flat and backlight.

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift Interior

There is a large interior designed in 2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift as always, this time better and even the modernization, and Toyota is known to many high-tech devices and they are present in this model, too. In addition to the hand and the port of the laptop and cell phone, there’s a great audio and sound system along with a large touchscreen and feature increased cabin.

The modernly designed cabin with black leather on the dash and seat in combination with fabrics and chromatic details. Although the buttons seem a bit archaic and classical, their use and the layout is so much prettier than a lot of trucks on the market.

2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift will continue in the same way, including the exact same cabin style. The list of standard features must likewise remain basically the same, although some smaller revision possible. You should think about that this legend there is worldwide, so the company may vary from other markets.

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However, in most countries, it can be found in three levels of trim. They are active, icons and Invincible. Each has a unique list of standard features and go for different types of chauffeurs.

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift

Toyota Hilux 2020 Facelift Release Date and Price

With all the exciting details and changes, Toyota Hilux Facelift 2020 will be very attractive to buyers. Prices from only $45.089 planned for the base model even more attractive to buyers, so we expect a high number of sales to small trucks this is hilarious.

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